«Ticket to Ride» iOS review

Ticket To Ride iOS

«Ticket to Ride» for iOS is one of the latest transitions of board games into the digital world from well-known studio «Days of Wonder». It is the best-selling one and it was designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is also supportable. This really entertaining game takes a minute to learn but a whole eternity to experience it! This is must have for a fans and for people who love railroad strategies!

«Days of Wonder» is a wonderful studio which brought us the games like «Small world», «Splendor» and many others.

Ticket to Ride iOS - Interface


The game takes part in competition between players who try to take over the train railroads on the map. First, players will get a bunch of destination tickets. They will help players to gain victory points. They are gained when players connect two cities on the map and each player has trains of a certain color. The player will lose points if he can’t build the route at the game’s end. Also, points can be gained from the routes. So, the longer the route is the more points you will get!

Turn Variants

Players are able to perform one action in turn. There are several options to do it – players can choose two colored trains from five of them, build the strength to build long routes (one of the best tactics) or capture to capture one. The last option is introduced by taking new tickets. This can be a great success and also the reason for a failure. Remember that every incomplete ticket has a bad influence at your total points and even one of them can be the end game for you.

If you have some difficulties with game play, there are some cheats and tips in the Internet!

Ticket to Ride iOS - Game board

Victory Conditions

Players must collect train cards that have the same color as the route to take it over. Victory points can be gained from taking over the routes and their length. Players can also try to complete destination tickets. This can be done by connecting one city to another with trains. It will also bring even more VP’s! Each turn players decide if it’s good for them to take over a route or take some destination tickets, take more train cards or build a train station. Points are counted at the end of the game and the player with the highest total VP’s is the winner!

Solo Play

Solo play in this game is represented by a competition between up to 4 AI players and it has some achievements. This mode is well balanced and it would be a good challenge to win, so be prepared!

AI’s and real players

Also, it is possible to play with your friends with well-known online multiplayer mode called pass-and-play on one device and it works great! AI difficulty is rather challengeable and tricky, though some people think they are stupid. So, try it your own!

Ticket to Ride iOS - Game Score

Playing Time

Playing can be varied from 10 to 15 minutes but it can be also like 30 minutes! This game is rather simple but really deep in its game play and options of turns. Experience it yourself and learn all about this game!


This game provides in-app expansion called «USA 1910». It has some features like 35 new tickets and Globe Trotter bonus.



This game has a wonderful graphics and sure many people would like this because it is very easy to learn how to play! It’s time for you to roll the rails! Buy the app on iTunes now! Feel free to support this great project and have it in your pocket!

Also, you can buy and download it for Android platform here!

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