«Splendor» iOS review

Splendor for iOS

It’s time to travel to the digital world! First game we are going to speak about is the legendary «Splendor» board game which was developed by «Days of Wonder» studio.

«Days of wonder» as a studio of digital games is famous for such projects as «Small World», «Ticket To Ride» and many others.


«Splendor» is a strategy card game where players can become rich Renaissance merchants. They should use all the opportunities like mines, caravans, craftsmen and etc. This would help players to gain the influence and richness. The goal of the game is to develop the biggest jewel company and gain most of the influence in the world. The winner is a player who has the most prestige points.

Splendor iOS - Player Select

Turn variants

On each turn you have the possibility to collect gems, buy a card or reserve a card. If you’re collecting gems you take three different kinds of them or two of the same kind. If you’re buying a card you pay its price in gems and then you add it to your playing area. To reserve a card you place it in front of you face down for later building. This will cost you a round but you can also get gold in the form of a joker gem which you can use as any gem.

Victory conditions

Victory in «Splendor» can be earned when a gets 15 VPs (victory points). Though, sometimes even 15 points are not enough. If some of other players reach 15 VP’s turn continues until the end so everyone can earn the same number of points. If one of the remaining players can beat your 15 points they will win the game

Splendor iOS - Level Select

Solo play

Solo play in this game works perfectly! It has multiple AI’s and they are very different. They differ not from the difficulty mode but from the playing style. You can choose any of them and they can be more balanced or more random.

AI’s and real players

Though this game has wonderful solo playing mode there are no multiplayer and online mode where you can clash with other people from the Internet. But it has pass-and-play multiplayer mode where 4 people can play on one device! That’s a great opportunity to show your merchant’s abilities!

Also, this game has a special mode called «Challenges». This mode offers some situations which you will have go through.

Splendor iOS - Gameboard

Playing time

Actually, this game takes from about 15 to 30 minutes to play and it’s really easy to learn how to play because this game provides really user-friendly interface!



This game will definitely fit for a «Splendor» board game fans because it has all the features of the original game but now it’s on the screen of your iPhone and iPad! That’s marvelous! Also, if you never tried this game on board game setting it will be some new experience for you to play digital version because it has a great AI balance and wonderful solo play mode where you can choose any AI you want!

This game is available on iTunes and it has not very big price! Follow the link and enjoy the spirit of Renaissance!

Also, this app is available not only on iOS platform but on the Android! You can buy it and download following this link!

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