«Pandemic» iOS review

Pandemic iOS Board Game

Pandemic: The Board Game is a cooperative game for friends and family. It is way easy to understand and it has lots of fun! Pandemic: The Board Game puts you in an apocalyptic world where you must work with your team to cure the world. This game was published by F2Z entertainment which. It has been set up in 2011 as a joint operation of Z-Man and Filosofia.


In Pandemic: The Board Game each player has a unique character with different skills and abilities. The players must remove disease cubes from cites, research and make cures and trade cards with other players in order to prevent the diseases from taking over the map. Each turn players draw infected city cards that develop the infection in cities and also spreading them to new locations on the game map. Any city pictured on a drawn infection card get one cube which is placed on it. If the number of the same colored cubes is more than three an outbreak occurs and it causes a cube for each nearby city.

You must cure all four diseases In Pandemic: The Board Game before the time is up. It is the only way to win!

Also, it is good to use «On the Brink» expansion because it has additional characters and up to 5 players to play!

Pandemic iOS - Gameplay

Turn Variants

Each turn players have four actions to prevent the diseases from spreading and save the world. They can remove disease cubes out of the the board, fly to a city if needed or trade cards with other players and even more! Choose your way and strategy.

At the end of every player’s turn new cities are infected with disease cubes and Epidemics may appear. You must fight to prevent the outbreaks before they get out of control.

Victory conditions

If players are able to research and create a cure for all four diseases they will win the game! However, if they have too many outbreaks or there are no cubes to place them on the cities, or all the player cards are drawn they lose the game. Players have to balance curing the disease with stopping the spread of outbreaks across the globe in order to win the game.

Pandemic iOS - Epidemic

Solo Play

Players who play solo will have to take control of all players in the gameplay. They can also choose multiple difficulty levels which depends on their skills. It is great to see that Z-Man includes very detailed tutorial that explains the game for the beginners.

AI and multiplayer experience

This game provides familiar pass and play system for multiplayer mode and well-balanced AI. Also, Z-Man games took care of a guide and it’s easy to understand what’s going on in the game process.

Pandemic iOS - Roles

Playing time

It’s definitely takes not much than 30 minutes to save the world from infection and also it is breathtaking experience! Every minute this game keeps you in danger.

Android version

This game is available for Android users on Google Play! Feel free to buy and download it here.



This game is so easy that it can fit everyone! User-friendly interface and colorful elements will provide comfortable gameplay experience. If you want to have a good co-operative game on your iPad or iPhone buy it and download by following this link.