«D&D Lords of Waterdeep» iOS review

Lorrds of Waterdeep iOS App

«Lords of Waterdeep» is a transition of the board game strategy by the «Playdek» studio. «Playdek» studio is famous for such games as «Fluxx» and «Nightfall».

Now you can play it on your iPad or iPhone in 8 rounds and also against AI players or with 5 human players in pass-and-play multiplayer mode. You secretly rule the city through your agents and minions. Will you handle this? It’s time for you to test yourself!


«Lords of Waterdeep» gives an opportunity for players to play as one of the masked Lords and you will need to hire some units to go through the quests. They get an influence and control over the cities for completed quests.

Players can make the cities much bigger by developing new buildings. They open new opportunities for the cities. Also, Intrigue cards are used to help the players too. There so many variants as you can see!

Also, you can unlock one of the achievements like «Pledge drive», «Smoke on the Water» and many others.

Lords of Waterdeep - Gameplay

Turn Variants

Each Lord has agents and he can send them into the different areas of the city to take control of a building or to play an influence card. Agents are primarily used to hire units (or adventurers) to go through the dangerous quests and gain gold to make quests possible. Players can place from 2 to 4 agents. This quantity depends on the number of players and it lasts over eight rounds. To say it frankly, there is only one room for Lord’s agent at most of the locations of the city and some of the other players would like to place their agents as you do.

Lords of Waterdeep - Player Turn

Victory conditions

Each turn you complete quests, develop some new buildings and place your agents in the city. These actions bring you victory points and at the end of the round eight a player who has most VP’s wins the game! It’s that simple!

Solo Play

Solo play in this game is introduced by very impressive AI opponents. They can beat you up in the single player mode even at the minimum difficulty though the game has very detailed tutorial! Also, this game supports the pass-and play mode that provides up to 5 players on your device! Many players say that this mode in this game much funnier than usual solo.

Playing time for a session of this game can be varied from 20 to 40 minutes. It’s rather comfortable for a digital game!

Lords of Waterdeep - Select an Opponent


This game has quite a good expansion called «Scoundrels of Skullport».

This expansion has a special resource called Corruption. It provides pluses and minuses for players. Also, this expansion has the «Rapid Expansion Promo Card». It allows you to develop more buildings!

Also, you will find new Lord Cards, quests and new intrigue cards! The map has been extended and special buildings have been added! It will provide more resources for players.

The expansion adds a player and it gives an opportunity for 6 players to experience new feelings from this wonderful game!

Lords of Waterdeep - Undermountain

This game has one more expansion called «Undermountain». It offers three new lords to play and also thirty new quests to go through and new buildings to develop! The most interesting feature about that expansion is that it allows six players to be in the game!



This game and its expansion really popular on iTunes and Google Play! It will fit any fan of a board games and guys who just played it first time because it’s easy to learn!

You can buy the app on iTunes using this link!

Unfortunately, there is no any information if this game is available on Google Play because there is no any release date or something like this… So, you have to enjoy it only on iOS right now.