Interview with “Zephyr: Winds of Change” developers – Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

My friends, we have something special for you today! Couple of days ago we had an interview with the developers of «Zephyr: Winds of Change» Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck. They created their own studio called «Portal Dragon».

BoardGameKing: Jon, what’s the genre and game setting?

Jon: So, we developed a cooperative board game with rather interesting steampunk and post-apocalypse setting where group of vigilantes fight against the Warlord.

BoardGameKing: That’s quite interesting! And what’s special about gameplay and rules?

Jon: As for the gameplay, it is worth mentioning that it depends a lot from tactics and strategy. Each player chooses a ship. All of the ships have their characteristics like health and etc. And then here comes the player – he chooses upgrades for his ship and some other features using battledeck. Battledeck provides a lot of different and interesting combinations and it really gives a gameplay a lot of varieties. You can play it 1-4 (3-4 is recommended for best experience) players and the thing is that you can learn the rules pretty fast. You will need not much than half an hour! That’s amazing! You can even play it with your family and it will do.

Zephyr: Winds of Change

BoardGameKing: what inspired you to create such a great game?

Jon: We (Jon and Aaron) always wanted to create a PC-project which will have the board game environment and gameplay. We really like the PC-game called «Faster than light» and it really looks like the «Zephyr» and it has similar stuff with ships and gameplay.

BoardGameKing: We see that this game has an outstanding design also!

Jon: Yeah, it’s really incredible! We really need money support on this project to make this game come true! You just need to follow this link and choose an option you like! It’s that simple. The more money you give the more benefits you will get from us! The benefits are your image on one of the card games or we can make you a character with your name and special abilities!

BoardGameKing: It was really nice to meet you, guys! Your project is brilliant! See you next time!

Jon: It was our pleasure too! Stay in touch!

In conclusion, we would like to say that Jon and Aaron are very creative and optimistic persons and it was a pleasure to discuss their project and we think that it’s not the last time we met! If you want to read more about their game there is a link for you! See you next time!