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Mystigo Games

Dear society and board game players! We’ve been preparing an awesome stuff for you during the past months. An international game company called «Mystigo Games» sent us an interesting pack of card games called «Mystigo Games Kit»! We tested each of these game and wrote an overview! So, we decided to ask designers and managers (Mary Kirichek, Max Istomin and Sam Bowring) about this quite original project…

BoardGameKing: Who is the designer of this project?

Mystigo Games: Max Istomin is a creator of games and the brains of our project. Max was the creator of Berserk: War of the Realms, and had a hand in the recent successful kickstarter projects Tabletopia and Swords and Bagpipes. He previously created games development company Fantasy World, which he later merged with Smart Ltd to create Hobby World, the largest games company in Russia.

Max Istomin

BoardGameKing: Are you going to launch it on iOS or Android platform?

Mystigo Games: No, and in fact we created these four simple and funny games in order to encourage people to converse in real life and have fun together, not spend more time staring at their smartphones.

BoardGameKing: What are your expectations about the kickstarter campaign you are going to initiate?

Mystigo Games: We want to get players games that fit in their pockets which they can whip out anywhere and teach anyone in a couple of minutes. We hope to raise enough funds not only to print our games and deliver them, but also to add more interesting features.

Mary Kirichek

BoardGameKing: What inspired you to create this pack of games and what are you favorite board or card games?

Mystigo Games: We noticed that sometimes it’s difficult for people to find something to do together, and many people don’t want to read the long and complicated rule books that often accompany tabletop games. At Mystigo, some of our favourite games include Citadels, Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, Guillotine … it’s hard to choose!

BoardGameKing: What was the most difficult thing in creating of this pack?

Mystigo Games: To get the games simple while also keeping them interesting and strategic.

Sam Bowring

BoardGameKing: Say some wishes to our readers and subscribers.

Mystigo Games: To be more positive, open, ready to communicate, play games and have fun. To live in real life and to back our project on Kickstarter, haha 😉

Mystigo Games Kit

That was an absolutely new experience for us because we’ve never got games from the developers! Of course, we have our own board games but it was incredible when people trust you their things. We sincerely wish a great success to Mystigo Games with their Games Kit! It was a great pleasure to work with them!

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