Interview with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz – developers of Final Act

final act - creators

Hello, people! Couple of days ago we had a Skype conference with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz. These guys created a game called “Final Act” which is based on the experience of Sharon Katz who was a real tank commander of Israel army. This project looks quite attractive because of its simplicity and realism. So, let’s see what we have!
1) What difficulties did you face while the developing and design process?
Actually, there were not only about difficulties but it was entertaining because of the ideas popping out of our heads. It was an interesting process to develop such a game.
2) Which are your favorite board game publishers?
Well, we’ve never thought about that, but of course we have our favorite board game which is called Diplomacy. We’ve been playing it since we were kids and we still play it.
3) Which country do you want your board game to be localized in?
You know, there is no particular country. Our target is to publish our game in English-speaking countries, but still it’s going to be great if our game will become an international.
4) Did you get a lot of feedback?
Yes, now we have backers from 19 countries and many positive feedbacks. People like our game because it’s quite simple and easy to understand. Also, remember that we don’t use any dice or tiles mechanics in our game. It’s an innovation that can bring us to success!

final act - card board panel
5) Can you tell us about that cardboard control panel? What inspired you to create it?
This panel is essential in the game process. It determines the directions of your maneuvers. This panel looks like the real tank control panel. We wanted our game to be as realistic as possible. The more you play the more experienced tank commander you become!
6) What do you think about the board game translation to the mobile platforms?
It’s a good idea. By the way, if we get $50,000 through our campaign we will translate our control panel on digital platforms. It will make the gameplay even easier. Nevertheless, we created our game to breach the gap between the digital world and the world of board games and to make people gather together.

final act - in the box
7) Have you been at Gen Con and what did you like most there?
No, but we were at the Toy Fairy in Nuremberg. It was an amazing experience seeing all these creative minds and the scale of things. We are new in the industry but still we’re sure we’ll become major publishers.
This was an amazing conversation and guys got their project funded but you can still support them via Kickstarter and purchase the game. Have a nice day and stay tuned to BoardGameKing!