Interview with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz – developers of Final Act

final act - creators

Hello, people! Couple of days ago we had a Skype conference with Lior Keinan and Sharon Katz. These guys created a game called “Final Act” which is based on the experience of Sharon Katz who was a real tank commander of Israel army. This project looks quite attractive because of its simplicity and realism. So, […]

Interview with Douglas Jones – developer of Pentoggle

Douglas Jones

Dear friends of boardgameking and the whole board-gaming community! Today we have Douglas Jones and his project called Pentoggle. This game is based on the abstract tile mechanics and it is absolutely great for children. Why? Because it helps to develop the mathematical and creative potential! So, here’s our little conversation: BoardGameKing: Who is the […]

Interview with Mystigo Games

Mystigo Games

Dear society and board game players! We’ve been preparing an awesome stuff for you during the past months. An international game company called «Mystigo Games» sent us an interesting pack of card games called «Mystigo Games Kit»! We tested each of these game and wrote an overview! So, we decided to ask designers and […]

Interview with Marcin Maciejewski – CEO of Rombo Games

Marcin Maciejewski

Board game fans and BoardGameKing subscribers! Have you ever heard about the board games with augmented reality technology? We were very surprised when we saw “Publish or Perish” videos on YouTube – all these little popping monsters on iOad screens! So, we decided to ask some questions to head designer of this project – Marcin […]

Interview with Jim Brikman and Brent Vincent from Adacio – developers of «Latice»

Good day everyone! It’s a pleasure for us to make another interview about very special game called «Latice»! It’s a perfect game for friends and family meetings and team-building. So, we arranged a conference with the developers of this kickstarter project Jim Brikman and Brent Vincent from Adacio: BoardGameKing: What can you say about your […]

Interview with Tristan Hall – designer of «Gloom of Kilforth»

Tristan Hall

Friends! Today we have one more interesting kickstarter project called «Gloom of Kilforth»! We took an interview from Tristan Hall who designed of this game. You can read it exclusively right now! BoardGameKing: Could you tell more about the game setting? Tristan: «The land of Kilforth» is a perilous domain filled with nefarious monsters, mysterious […]

Interview with “Zephyr: Winds of Change” developers – Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

My friends, we have something special for you today! Couple of days ago we had an interview with the developers of «Zephyr: Winds of Change» Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck. They created their own studio called «Portal Dragon». BoardGameKing: Jon, what’s the genre and game setting? Jon: So, we developed a cooperative board game with […]

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