Day Night Z Kickstarter Preview

day night z

Hello, zombie hunters! We guess you missed the zombie setting games a lot. So, it’s time to present you a brand new zombie board game called “Day Night Z” by Creating Games! This game takes us into the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. It’s a dark place where one mistake can cost you a life. […]

Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter Preview

kingdom death

Nowadays we have a lot of zombie survival horror setting board games with a lot of typical characters and miniatures. All of them are good and worth the attention, but now we have a very special head-blowing project from kickstarter called Kingdom Death: Monster! Kingdom Death Monster is not only about a survival horror. It’s […]

Search and Survive Kickstarter Preview

search and survive

Are you ready to crush some zombie bones and skulls with your friends? Prepare your weapons! In “Search and Survive” you take the role of warriors who are struggling against the living dead. This is a cooperative board game with a deck building mechanics. The action itself takes place in a zombie-crowded world which is […]

«Escape From the Sunset Island» Kickstarter Preview

Escape From the Sunset Island

The Sunset Island was one of very few safe places after the zombie apocalypse. It is not safe anymore. After zombies appeared here, ten human survivors have to plan their escape from here. There are only two ways to escape. There are the airport and the marina. And the path to the survival will be […]

Zombicide review


It’s time for good old zombie attack! Only the strongest and bravest will survive! Zombicide is coming… Show them no mercy! «Zombicide» board game was developed by «Guillotine Games» and «Asmodee» in 2012. The main designers are Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien and Nicolas Raoult. You probably know them for their works in «Cry Havoc», «AT-43» […]

Top 10 Zombie board games

Top 10 Zombie Games

Zombies from old voodoo superstitions went through movies, comics and books. Board games are not exclusion. Even if zombies can’t eat our brains, they take place there forever. If your brains are also affected, you should play top 10 zombie board games. The only feature the games below have in common is zombies. Let’s start […]

“Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game” review

Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

You feel someone’s breath behind your back? Don’t look behind because there is a zombie crowd! And all they want is your brains… Yes, today we have very special board game – it’s the «Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game»! It’s the survival-horror which is very popular nowadays. This game was published by «Plaid Hat […]

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