Board Games Like Ticket to Ride

board games like ticket to ride

Ticket to Ride is a brilliant game for 2-5 players, especially for kids and can be easily learnt in less than 15 minutes but takes a lifetime to master. The instructions are simple enough for gamers and non gamers alike and its strategic and tactical game play is engaging for all levels of play. The […]

Railroads Second Edition – Special Run

Railroads (2nd edition) - Special Run

In the second edition of Railroads we can see the redesign of map and box. Now, the map is made of cloth inspired by art-deco. Also, cards were printed on a vintage press which is quite good for their quality! As for the game basics it is worth mentioning about following: Game Basics Stock Rounds: […]

«Railways of the World» review

Railways of the World

Trains and railroads have always been one of the most romantic things while travelling. You just go through the country and beautiful looks through the window are inspiring and marvelous… Have you ever dreamed to build your own railroad company? You will have such an opportunity with board game called «Railways of The World» by […]

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