Dreamwars Kickstarter Preview


Dreamwars is a fresh plaything. There is a thrilling adventure in the habitation of horror and darkness. It is an exciting story with a variety of extraordinary characters which will help players to feel the unique and frightening atmosphere of the steampunk kingdom. There is а bunch of spooky beings under a control of powerful […]

Nemo’s War Kickstarter Preview

Nemo's war

Have you ever read ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas’? Have you dreamt as a child of being the very captain Nemo, to lead the crew of Nautilus through inhospitable waters swarming with giant squads and ships of all nations? I guess that you did. It is still not too late for these dreams to […]

«Steamcraft» Kickstarter Preview


Steamcraft is a steampunk card-based board game. In addition to the original subject, the game has mechanics unlike the most deck building card games (like battle and sabotage). For example in the battle mode, rules of the game drastically change. Units start attacking each other. An economic strategy turns into a wargame. All the game […]

Interview with “Zephyr: Winds of Change” developers – Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck from «Portal Dragon»

My friends, we have something special for you today! Couple of days ago we had an interview with the developers of «Zephyr: Winds of Change» Jon Mietling and Aaron Kluck. They created their own studio called «Portal Dragon». BoardGameKing: Jon, what’s the genre and game setting? Jon: So, we developed a cooperative board game with […]

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