Evolution: Climate Kickstarter Preview

evolution climate

The history of Earth is a history of the never-ending struggle between every individual and her majesty Nature. The Evolution: Climate board game invites you to take part in this struggle and survive in a continuously changing environment with lurking predators, suddenly waking volcanoes, and extending deserts. As an animal, you can only defend yourself […]

«Stone Age» review

Stone Age Board Game

A long time ago the human civilization struggled to survive in a very cruel world. Our ancestors had to gather useful resources and hunt dangerous animals. Nowadays we have everything we want and it’s easy to get. Today we are going to review the game which will transfer us to the prehistoric times. Meet the […]

«Dominant Species» review

Dominant Species

California-based GMT Games is a world-known board game publisher. The company was founded in 1990 and became successful due to designing fascinating wargames. GMT’s strategic games cover different times (from ancient epoch to modern) and different locations (Europe, Asia, Americas). But in this article we’ll speak about the game that is a bit extraordinary for […]

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