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Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter Preview

kingdom death

Nowadays we have a lot of zombie survival horror setting board games with a lot of typical characters and miniatures. All of them are good and worth the attention, but now we have a very special head-blowing project from kickstarter called Kingdom Death: Monster! Kingdom Death Monster is not only about a survival horror. It’s […]

Leaders of Euphoria Kickstarter Preview

Leaders of Euphoria

“There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others.” Niccolo Machiavelli. Since the ancient times people have been trying to expand the living space. History is full of such examples. The leaders of small countries declared war to the leaders of larger ones to increase areas and obtain supplies. […]

Cryptic Explorers Kickstarter Preview

cryptic explorers

Mysteries and secrets of the underworld have always been something attractive to people. You can find a treasure or something that will reveal the secret of the past… Why not to take a little risk? “Cryptic Explorers” is the greatest choice for all the adventurers in the underworld! In this game, players take the roles […]

Top 10 Legacy Board Games

top 10 legacy board games

The legacy style board games have completely revolutionized the board games industry and brought with it, thrills and excitement never experienced before. Legacy type board games are a concept where the actions occurring in a single game have the power to influence future games as well. Not only are some of the changes permanent and […]

Board Games Like Ticket to Ride

board games like ticket to ride

Ticket to Ride is a brilliant game for 2-5 players, especially for kids and can be easily learnt in less than 15 minutes but takes a lifetime to master. The instructions are simple enough for gamers and non gamers alike and its strategic and tactical game play is engaging for all levels of play. The […]

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