Dungeon Degenerates Kickstarter Preview

dungeon degenerates

It’s not easy to live in the dark and cruel world, where the rules are not working and there are backstabbers at every corner… Are you ready to face the reality? Well, we have something in our mind, which can help you out! This is the “Dungeon Degenerates” which offers you an incredible mix of […]

«The Exiled: Siege» Kickstarter Preview

the exiled siege

What fight may be more desperate than a medieval town siege? Whoever wins the battle, many people have to die on the town walls and underneath them. The Exiled: Siege is a board game representing a siege with former outlaws on one side and barbarians with their monsters on the other side. There are two […]

«Sheriff of Nottingham» review

Sheriff of Nottingham

Prince John is going to Nottingham! Players take the roles of merchants to gain profits by selling goods in the city while Prince is here. But at first, players must get their goods through the city gate which is guarded by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Will you play it safe with legal goods and make […]

«The Voyages of Marco Polo» review

The Voyages of Marco Polo

The Voayges of Marco Polo was published in 2015 by Hans im Glück and Zman Games. The game was designed by Simone Luciani and Daniele Taschini. Illustrations were made by Dennis Lohausen. Game Components 1 Start Player Marker (Hourglass) 1 Game Board 6 Small Town Bonus Tiles 4 Player Boards 10 Character Tiles 10 Large […]

Orleans board game review


Orleans was published in 2014 by dlp games. The game was designed by Reiner Stockhausen and illustrated by Klemens Franz, famous for his illustrations in such games as Agricola and Le Havre. In 2015, a fundraising campaign was run on Kickstarter to release the Deluxe Edition of Orleans. Game Components 1 rulebook 4 Player Boards […]

BattleLore review


BattleLore was published in 2006 by Days of Wonder, famous for the likes of Small World, the Ticket to Ride series, Five Tribes, and Memoir ‘44. The game was designed by Richard Borg and illustrated by Miguel Coimbra, Julien Delval, Nicolas Fructus, and Christophe Madura. In 2013 Fantasy Flight Games republish game. Game Components 8 […]

Caylus review


Caylus is brought to you by Ystari Games, a French publisher, and Rio Grande Games, a Mexican company famous for the games El Grande, Carcassonne, and Puerto Rico. It was published in 2005. Caylus was designed by William Attia. The illustrations were done by Cyril Demaegd who runs Ystari Games, his brother Arnaud Demaegd, and […]

Troyes review

Troyes Board Game

Troyes came out at Essen 2010. It was published by Pearl Games, a Belgian company, and Z-Man Games, a publisher famous for Clash of Cultures, Carcassone, Pandemic, and so on. The game was designed by Sebastien Dujardin, the manager of Pearl Games, Xavier Georges, and Alain Orban. The illustrations were done by Alexandre Roche. Game […]

Ora et Labora review

Ora et Labora

This time we are going to take a look at another economical strategy called «Ora et Labora». It was published by «Z-man Games» and designed by well known board game developer Uwe Rosenberg («Le Havre», «Agricola» and etc.) By the way, meaning of the name of this game dates back to the Ancient Greece. It […]

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