Top 10 Kickstarter board games of the 2015 you should play

top 10 kickstarter board games 2015

Let us stop wasting time on trifles and reveal the best Kickstarter board games 2015. The only criteria for making top 10 Kickstarter tabletop games 2015 is the opinion of people.

That’s why we found out which games collected the biggest amounts of money throughout the year of 2015. Let’s sum up the results of that hard-fought battle for the donations…

10. Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture


1-6 Players • Ages 12+60-120 minutes to play

Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture is on our tenth position. 4,333 backers inspired with the beautiful world of wines, grape fields, and agriculture brought $450,333 to the project.

9. Machine of Death

machine of death

2-4 Players • Ages 14+30 minutes to play

However, the Machine of Death came over the peaceful World of Viticulture. It took the next position and brought death, destruction, and $556,596 with the help of 10,666 backers.

8. Epic


2-4 Players • Ages 8+20 minutes to play

11,858 fantasy gods of Epic card game got together and stroke back. They made the Machine of Death retreat to the ninth position for they collected $585,122.

7. Robot Turtles

robot turtles

2-5 Players • Ages 12+15 minutes to play

The Robot Turtles in their turn won the battle against the entire fantasy world of Epic and brought $631,230. 13,765 people who like this game enabled its seventh position. This game is mostly for children and their parents. Playing Robot Turtles, kids will understand the basic concepts of programming without being aware of it. If you want your son or daughter to have a good job in future, this game is for you.

6. Tokaido Collector’s Edition

tokaido collector s edition

2-5 Players • Ages 8+45 minutes to play

5,434 peaceful travelers of Tokaido road have earned $668,721. This way, they have taught the Robot Turtles true doctrines of Zen. The game field represents a road. You can choose between advancing slowly to get a better score and going faster and finish the game before others gain good scores.

5. Mare Nostrum

mare nostrum

3-5 Players • Ages 14+90-120 minutes to play

5. Ancient Mediterranean Sea that Romans and the game designers called ‘Mare Nostrum’ has washed ashore $679,255. 6,937 backers collected this money. The victory in this game sums up results on three fields: economic, cultural and military. It means that there are at least three different ways to play available to win victory points.

4. 7th continent

7th continent

1-4 Players • Ages 10+5-1000 minutes to play

One more sea travel results in the fourth position… 12,103 fearless discoverers of the 7th continent brought a $1,337,000 treasure to the Kickstarter project. This game puts you into the unseen wonders and dangers. It is not a quick game. It will take hours of exploration, but each minute will bring you joy. By the way, do you know why the seventh continent is unknown? No traveler was able to return. Be the first one to stay alive!

3. Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler

5-10 Players • Ages 14+

A blitzkrieg of Secret Hitler has gained $1,479,046. A great army of 34,565 backers took part in this fierce attack. This game does not propagandize fascism but derides it. It shows the political situation in Germany before the second world war when nobody besides fascists themselves knew Hitler. Like Werewolf and Mafia, this game opposes uninformed majority (liberals) and informed minority (fascists). The mechanics are different. Players elect a new government in each turn. Militaristic decrees can be either deliberate actions of fascists or an evil luck. To win the game, fascists should be careful. Liberals should be watchful to reveal Secret Hitler and win.

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2. Scythe


1-5 Players • Ages 10+90-115 minutes to play

The Scythe board game has reaped a fine crop of $1,579,034. For this result, 15,679 backers worked hard in fields. The game opens a crazy fantastic world where an enormous factory producing mechs adjoins farmlands with a lifestyle of early twentieth century. Five heroes of the game belong to five nations. Each one has its own animal companion. There is one more interesting feature of the game. Players gain and lose resources with territories. Like in a real war, there is no way to keep your economics stable without the protection of the frontiers of your homeland.

1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

2-5 Players • Ages 8+15 minutes to play

However, only one game has really exploded the Kickstarter in 2015. The Exploding Kittens collected $8,782,571. They left a significant margin of $7,203,537 and mountains of dead bodies and ruins behind themselves. It seems that everybody in the World Wide Web likes either kittens or explosions. Maybe a good sense of humor of game authors was a key to all this success. The gameplay is as simple and explosive as Russian Roulette. Players draw cards from the deck. If you draw an Exploding Kitten, the game is over. You are as dead as a doornail. If you draw a Defuse card (like a laser pointer or a belly rubber), you may eliminate an Exploding Kitten. Other cards help you to hand over Exploding Kittens to other players or get rid of them in another way.

Now it is your time to try these games and understand why so many backers supported these games to make them top 10 Kickstarter tabletop games 2015.

We’ve done a very controversial list of 2015 games from Kickstarter. Which game will you choose to play along with your friends or family? Which of them will never leave your table? It’s time to decide!

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  1. You might want to fact check next time. Machine of Death funded in 2013 and was delivered in 2014. Tokaido Collector’s Edition was funded in 2014 and still hasn’t been delivered.

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