Top 10 Japan Themed Games

Top 10 Japanese board games

In this list we have collected only Japan board games to give people an opportunity people to understand Japanese culture by entertainment. We are pleased to represent you best board games about Japan in our opinion. There are both classic Japanese board games and modern Japanese board games, both Japanese board and card games. Everyone […]

King of Tokyo review

king of tokyo

King of Tokyo was published by IELLO in 2011. The game was designed by Richard Garfield, famous for creating the card game Magic: The Gathering, and illustrated by Benjamin Raynal. Game Components 66 cards A game board 50 energy cubes 6 monster tokens with plastic stands 6 monster boards 8 six-sided dice (2 green, 6 […]

Shogun board game review


Shogun was published in 2006 by Queen Games. It was designed by Dirk Henn. Michael Menz did the illustrations. In 2015, a fundraising campaign has been held on Kickstarter to reprint Shogun. A Big Box Edition of the game will be released with four expansions and almost five hundred wooden meeples to replace the cardboard […]

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