Mi Tierra Nueva Era (Second Edition) Kickstarter Campaign

Mi Tierra Nueva Era

Mi Tierra is a peaceful board game of cultivation, breeding, farming and trading in the beautiful and various lands of Chile. High mountains separate this country from the rest of the world. Like nothing else, a local farmer needs skillful hands and a prudent mind. This is a game for 2-6 players. It may long […]

«Scythe» Kickstarter Preview


Let us introduce a new strategic board game called Scythe. For the beginning, we want to inform you that any supporter of the Kickstarter campaign for Scythe has a full money-back guarantee. You can return the game in 1 month after its receipt (opened or unopened) to get your money back including the return shipment […]

Agricola review


Agricola was published in 2007 by Z-Man Games. It was designed by Uwe Rosenberg, the German designer famous for Bohnanza, Le Havre, Ora et Labora and Caverna. The illustrations were done by Klemens Franz, Rosenberg’s frequent collaborator. He is known for his paintings is such games as Le Havre and Orleans (2014) Game Components Game […]

«Goa» review

Goa Board Game

In 16th century Goa was one of the important trade centers around the world and also the beautiful place with sunny beaches… Just imagine, that wealth of this shiny and peaceful world depends on you! Which way you will invest your money and what resources are you going to develop? Test your economical abilities with […]

Caverna: The Cave Farmers review

Caverna : The Cave Farmers Box Cover

The strategy genre of board games or PC is very popular nowadays. «Mayfair Games» presents us one of its fine projects – «Caverna» board game. It was developed by Uwe Rosenberg from Germany. He became famous for his card game «Bohnanza». It is successful both in Germany and around the world and he also designed […]

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