SECTOR 6 Kickstarter Preview

sector 6

The future sometimes doesn’t look so good in our imagination. There can be a lot of wars, conflicts and people have to survive this all. Just imagine that you are deprived of everything you can’t do without – freedom, food, your rights and even oxygen! So, “SECTOR 6” is the game where you will have […]

The Bead Game Kickstarter Preview

bead game

Have you ever dreamed to be a board game developer? To create a game anyone would like to play? You might say that it’s difficult, but believe me… It’s a piece of cake with “The Bead Game” by Adepts Creative Industries! Firstly, to create a board game you will need a lot of components, which […]

PWNs Kickstarter Preview

PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem

Hello, people! Sometimes, board games are connected with reading and learning big manuals and it’s hard to concentrate on the game itself. But it’s certainly not about the “PWNs”! Looks like the idea of board game simplification is wide-spread nowadays and we feel happy about that. Let’s see the details of the game! First of […]

Turin Market Kickstarter Preview

Turin Market

This has happened in Turin of the 18th century. That time, the biggest city of the Piedmont on the bank of Po River was also the capital of Italy. Millions of merchants brought their goods here from entire Eurasia in their sweet dreams of the prosperity. There is a square in the center of the […]

Interview with Douglas Jones – developer of Pentoggle

Douglas Jones

Dear friends of boardgameking and the whole board-gaming community! Today we have Douglas Jones and his project called Pentoggle. This game is based on the abstract tile mechanics and it is absolutely great for children. Why? Because it helps to develop the mathematical and creative potential! So, here’s our little conversation: BoardGameKing: Who is the […]

Patchwork review


Patchwork was published by Mayfair Games in 2014. It was designed by Uwe Rosenberg who is famous for designing blockbusters like Bohnanza, Agricola, Le Havre, Mama Mia, and Klunker. The illustrations in Patchwork were done by Klemens Franz, Rosenberg’s frequent collaborator. Due to the crazy demand, Patchwork was reprinted in 2015, but it became hard […]

Interview with Jim Brikman and Brent Vincent from Adacio – developers of «Latice»

Good day everyone! It’s a pleasure for us to make another interview about very special game called «Latice»! It’s a perfect game for friends and family meetings and team-building. So, we arranged a conference with the developers of this kickstarter project Jim Brikman and Brent Vincent from Adacio: BoardGameKing: What can you say about your […]

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